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Here’s a Tip: Get Off the Phone!



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Sittin’ Bayou Makes Me Hot!

"Sittin' Bayou Makes Me Hot!" is not only a cookbook with easy and delicious recipes, the stories will make you laugh. As Tracie Orsi Godier will tell you, "Laughter is free, share it."
What better way to have fun and laughter with your best friends then to cook up a delicious meal, have a few glasses of wine to make life a little more enjoyable?

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DSC_0127I’m not sure people are as ignorant as they are self-absorbed. They care more about e-mails and text messaging than getting hit by a car.

They’re too caught up in Candy Crush and their stupid Farmville.

It’s all about Facebook and posting pictures of themselves driving in their cars.

They check how many Likes they’re getting on Instagram instead of talking to the person they’re having lunch with.

Who’s posting a picture of her plate of French fries.

People walk into the middle of the road oblivious to oncoming traffic. They don’t wait for the light to change. They don’t use crosswalks.

A man stepped off the curb from behind a bush right in front of me. He was looking down at his phone.

“Pedestrians have the right of way!” He said.

I should have told him only creepy dudes sit in the bushes and jump out at girls in cars.

I’m sure I would have won that case.

When a waitress serves you at a restaurant, she thinks about how much you’ll leave for a tip rather than how much she could make if she’d put forth a little effort instead of slapping the food down and rushing back to her phone to see if anyone texted her in the past four minutes.

I’d love to say:

“The only person you’re important to right now sweetheart is me because I just ate a jalapeno and I need another beer. I can see you don’t give a shit, but in reality, your boyfriend is sliding his hand up your best friend’s thigh and neither one of them care that you’ve been texting all night.”

Most people I encounter don’t give a hoot about their jobs. I’ll call customer service and no one seems to know what his or her company does. I asked the cashier at Foodtown, “Do I get the Rug Doctor from you or do I go to the customer service counter?” She didn’t blink. She stared at me as if time had stopped. I said, “Can you find out?”

She shrugged her shoulders and rolled her eyes at me.

Then she picked up her phone.

I wanted to smack the thing out of her hand but glanced at her nametag instead.

“Jackie,” I said, “I’m so sorry to have bothered you. You have a nice day,” and went to see the manager.

The general attitude of the workforce is that they make just as much money as their co-workers. There’s no reason to do anymore than they have to.

How about taking pride in what you do?

In this world, promotions are given based on seniority as opposed to ability, loyalty, and hard work.

I sat the bench on my high school basketball team until I learned to shoot the ball from the top of the key.

Nowadays, everyone plays and everyone gets a trophy.

I can’t tell you how many hours I spent practicing from the free-throw line until I got it right. I ran harder and faster to make sure I made the team.

I wanted to start so I ran even faster and longer every day.

People are disengaged, and not held accountable for what they do. Kids aren’t praised for what they do well because another kid might feel bad.

I can’t believe they don’t teach cursive in school anymore! How are they going to read a wedding invitation?

Calligraphy use to be an art form done by hand by an artist, not by changing the font on your computer! I write faster in cursive than I can type.

Even though THANK YOU is printed on the guest check, when I see

photo (8)

I feel better about the restaurant, better about the service and better about my day.

I think people feel a little bit better whether they notice or not.

People need to put their phones down. Nobody is that important. Nobody really needs to talk to you while you’re in line at the grocery store.

When you go out to dinner with your besties, no one should have a phone in their hands.

When you work for a company and you don’t know the answer to a question asked by a customer, find out. The more you know about your job, the better you look. The better you look the better you feel. The world will be a better place.

If you put your phone down and do your job, you’ll make more dollars than you have sense.

Have a great day!photo (7)


  1. liz says:

    Amen know how I feel T, xo.

  2. adeptula says:

    Well said! I totally agree with you. 🙂 People on their phones is one of my biggest pet peeves too.

  3. rand hettler says:

    well said….   Rand


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